Chalkboard lettering tutorial


What you need to get started?

  • Chalk
  • Sponge
  • Cloth
  • Panel for drawing (chalkboard, wall, street…)
  • Idea (think about a message or quote your gonna use)
  •  Inspiration (Find fonts that will help you, find interesting typographic posters)
  •  Little bit of patience

If I did something wrong?

Don’t bother if everything is not looking perfect. If you noticed any line or stain from chalk, let it be, it will somehow fit the composition. You can wipe the chalk easily and time to time add new things.

1. Guide lines

Who loves geometry and consistently displaying the font is a reference utility lines will greatly make the work easier. Adding too many lines will make it difficult to manage, therefore do only the necessary.


Take a ruler or some old notebook that will use you to draw a straight line. First, gently draw horizontal lines, merge them whit vertical lines a then make a base for letter. (in our case letter M)


Lines which made letter M should be accented and on the corners add Sheriff (assuming that you know what are the serifs). If you use a chalkboard that can be removed from the wall, place it on the table and rotate it so you can easily drag the line.


Our letter is now recognizable, but at the same time there is a lot of excess in the drawing. With damp cloth erase guide lines, but be careful not to disrupt the basic drawing.

The corners of letter that are located along the left side thicken in order to create the impression of mild shadow. Within the letters add a parallel line to accent the letter. Instead of parallel lines, can fully fill the letter or add a texture, spots …

2. Gotik

Find a modern Gothic font. They seem quite complicated, but the logic is pretty simple. Take a marker, you angle it, and try to write, you can get lines that are in paces wider, and in places narrower. These thicker lines are vertical and horizontal, or line at a slight angle thinner.


With thin lines draw the letter. Let beveled parts are always at the same angle. In addition to letters, add the glyph or some detail that will follow the style of typography.


In order not to look too harshly and severely, the letter will round off the corners. Straight lines Bold and try to be linked to the rounded edges.


Carefully wipe off the excess chalk, and within the contours of the letters fill the space.

3. Shadow

Now we move to a simple sans-serif font. From the background we will set it apart with shadow. We imagined that the light comes from above right, so it will be slightly under the shadow of the letter and moved to the left.


Sketch a letter with chalk on the board, this time the letter “F” so the lines form a semicircle on the upper angle and the end of the letters round .


As if we draw another letter below our letters, which is slightly shifted to the side.


Delete excess within the letter and fill the shadow.

4. Balloon effect

Now we move on to freer style. We’ll make an impression of material that shines. We decided that our letter will be “thin” and you can play around and create the impression of flying balloon.


With light pressure draw the left edge of the letters. If you prefer to start from the top, rotate the board and extend the line all the way down. Add another edge on the other side, and two circles at the top and the middle of letter.


With chalk frame the edges of letter and mark the places where they should be shine parts (inside the circle).


Wipe off any excess, ticken letter and highlight shadow.

5. Rope (or some other form) as a texture

Our letter “I” a little bite complicated. We imagined a piece of ship’s rope forming the letter.


Sketch cross rope. The first attempt will probably not be perfect, so try to refine drawing with chalk to get the form that suits you. Drag the soft lines so you can easily wipe it of. At the top add irregular circle add base is reedy.

In upper part add a irregular circle and a base is reedy.


Frame letter and thicken places that must be extenuated. The texture of the rope will be achieved by adding curved lines.


Remove any excess with a damp cloth. The contours of the rope delete on the points where the lines you added in the previous step are touching the outer contour of the letters. Now on the erased joints add line so you get the impression that the rope is depressed in these places.

The lines inside the letters we emphasize on the right side. On the left side shadow the surface and we got a rope bent in the shape of the letter „I“.

6. 3D efect

At the end try to find some Script font as inspiration.


Roughly draw letter N, narrow it at the end, and make it wider in the corners. In the lower left corner will slightly extend the vertical line towards the inside of the letter to make it seem that at this point kinks.


Highlight contours of the letters and add places where shadow should be accentuated. If you are not satisfied with how your letter looks like, now you can tune it by deleting and redrawing that part.


The tip of the finger use in order to cross over shadows, and add it in places where it should milder. Parts that should represent the places where the material shines overpass with cloth, and then move your finger tip to get the transition from the shadows towards the glow.

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